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PayByCar Partners with P97 Networks to Enable Toll-Tag Based In-Vehicle Payments

May 13, 2019--P97 Networks Inc., the leader in cloud-based mobile commerce, in-vehicle payments, and digital marketing solutions, today announced a reseller partnership with PayByCar™ to enable mobile payments utilizing the E-ZPass transponder found in over 35 million cars today. PayByCar is certified to run on the P97 platform and is currently in a pilot deployment at Alltown sites within the Global Partners LP (NYSE: GLP) network. Alltown is Global’s home-grown convenience store brand, offering convenience alongside community at more than 70 locations across the Northeast.

“We were looking for innovative solutions that take convenience to the next level,” Jeff Lamoreaux, CIO at Global Partners says. “We chose to engage with PayByCar because of their reach within our markets as well as their integration and certification on the P97 platform. It’s all about creating a simplified experience that makes our customers’ lives easier and their payments more secure.”

PayByCar leverages the large install base of E-ZPass transponders users across 17 U.S. states to enable contactless commerce. When a driver pulls into a forecourt, the transponder and vehicle ID are detected by RFID sensors installed at site entrances. The driver receives a mobile notification to confirm the desired gas pump. P97 manages all payment and loyalty transactions via its mobile commerce platform. By simply linking an E-ZPass transponder to a separate non-toll account on, the driver gains a convenient fuel purchase experience similar to the one of driving through an electronic toll lane.

“We partnered with P97 because they are the market leader in mobile payment and loyalty aggregation for the retail and fuels marketing industry,” says Anand Raman, President and COO of PayByCar. “Today’s consumers want convenience in every aspect of their lives. Together, P97 and PayByCar are creating frictionless commerce experiences that increase consumer engagement and loyalty with fuel retail sites.”

The P97 platform is a cloud-based mobile commerce and digital marketing solution that connects retail fuel, convenience, quick-serve restaurants, and other merchants to their consumers by enabling payments, omni-channel marketing, and digital offers on iOT devices and connected cars. P97 eases the purchasing process allowing merchants to increase sales, build greater brand loyalty, and lower operating costs.

“P97 is an open commerce platform that’s integrated with payment processors, loyalty providers, and point of sale systems, which enables us to scale quickly and easily with new partners,” Don Frieden, founder and CEO of P97 says. “Our partnership with PayByCar is an example of how our technology can be utilized to create unique commerce experiences along the driver journey.”

Key Takeaways
  • Over 35 million cars now have the option to use mobile payments.
  • By leveraging the E-ZPass transponders used in 17 states, BPC is enabling contact-free commerce for millions of drivers.
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Today’s consumers want convenience in every aspect of their lives. Together, P97 and PayByCar are creating frictionless commerce experiences that i...
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